Hong Kong 1998-2000

Hong Kong was an interesting place to live - an irritating but intoxicating mixture of mad modern city and tropical paradise. The beautiful lights, fancy restaurants and expensive bars of HK Island give way at the weekends to the tropical beaches of Lantau and other islands, giving you an exotic if exhausting lifestyle.

I was in HK for two and a half years (time flies!) and I'm sure I still missed lots of things. There's lots there. Not to mention all the exotic locations within a few hours' flight...

The lights of Hong Kong Island, seen from Kowloon waterfront

Dawn over Hong Kong Island and the harbour

Steamy: clouds mar a warm day on the beach in Lantau

Scary wildlife: allegedly poisonous - and certainly pretty large - spiders on Lantau

Lora enjoying a cool waterfall on Lantau Island

A lovely waterfall pool on Lantau. That's Christine in the foreground, and you can just make out Lora, still in the waterfall.


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