Snippets and Snaps

11 May 05 - I went to visit ITV on business today. They share a spectacular building on Grays Inn Road with ITN and Reuters. Moore's Dad, Jim Flannery, used to work there for Reuters until he retired, so it's a few years old at least.

I really like this picture - I might see if I can wangle another visit there and take my 'proper' camera. I love the way the light floods into the centre of the building; and how the windows appear to extend even further to the left and right, reflected in the glass. But also, look at how dehumanising the whole thing is. The scale is too imposing, with workers reduced to ants, backlit for the camera. I'd go nuts if I worked there; but it was nice to visit.


1 May 05 - It was Canalways Cavalcade up at Little Venice this weekend. The illuminated boats parade came down as far as our mooring to turn round - it was bedlam! Quite a traffic jam.


9 Apr 05 - My nephew Ben being impossibly cute...


28 Mar 05 - John, Puja and I went to Abbey Road Studios (just up the road from where Merryweather is moored) to see Brazil at the Guardian Film Festival. On the way out, John and Puja couldn't resist trying out 'that' zebra crossing...


23 Mar 05 - My new phone has a built-in camera. Okay, so it's not the best quality, but it is always in my pocket! So to start us off, here's a nice shot of Merryweather in the spring sunshine.


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