Northern Vietnam - December 1999

Vietnam is such a beautiful country, and its people so photogenic, that it's a photographers dream. This was my second trip to Vietnam, in early December 1999, and we were based in Hanoi although most of these pictures are of Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island. 'Hover' your mouse over the pictures for the commentary.

Hope you enjoy them.

Halong Bay: stunning rocky island seascape

Apparently, Nessie winters in Halong Bay...

Halong Bay: a traditional floating village

Cat Ba: a row of fishing boats in the harbour

Cat Ba: sea water is used for cleaning the boat

Cat Ba: a houseboat (and fish farm?) in the harbour

Cat Ba: early morning - a water taxi touts for business

Cat Ba: most water taxi drivers are very young

Halong Bay: a fishing trawler

Cat Ba: local dogs have taken to boat living like, er, dogs to water

Cat Ba: water taxi drivers

Where to get a haircut in Hanoi: pretty much anywhere...

and finally, just for fun:

Hanoi Tosser Co: the locals were not as appreciative of tourists as we had hoped... >:o)

Alex was also out with her camera


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